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PKMN Armonia app- Corie by Speedo89 PKMN Armonia app- Corie by Speedo89
Edit 2: New app for new chapter
Edit: Kid is now a teen

Basic Information

Name: Corie Kopp

Age: 13 (entered at 10)

Gender: Female 

Pokémon: #263 Zigzagoon

Birthday: 9th February

Height: 2’7’’ / 80 cm

Weight: 41lbs / 19 kg 

Nature: Docile

Summary characteristic: Highly Curious

Ability: Quick Feet (Boosts the Speed stat if the Pokémon has a status condition.)

Special Traits: N/A 

Hometown: Lilycove City, Hoenn



(+) Outgoing (+) Friendly (+) Optimistic (o) Curious (o) Imaginative (o) Energetic (-) Childish (-) Hasty (-) Follower

Corie can be described as a tiny ball of endless energy and optimism with no limits to her curiosity, the glass always being half full, at least that is how she views the world anyway. Whenever you come across Corie it is almost guaranteed she has a smile or cheeky grin on her face, even when she has gotten herself in some sort of trouble, with the exception for this is classroom trouble or being told off for something school related. 

With an overactive imagination, the situations Corie gets into can be seen as in two different ways. On the bright side they are often very expressive and creative, on the not so bright side her adventures and ideas often leads to troublesome situations, mainly due to how she often rushes into things without thinking of the consequences until after the said action. This hastiness is partly due to her easily excitable nature, as well as her endless amount of energy, well until she exerts it to the point of collapsing and becoming completely burnt out in the process, some may say she runs off a faulty battery.

Corie however also comes off as being rather childish when you first encounter her, as she asks an endless amount of questions and takes what other pokemon say literally without intentionally doing so. This childishness stands out quite a bit visually as well as she continues to carry her stuffed typhlosion, Socks anywhere and everywhere with her embarking on their daily adventures and explorations.

Due to her background of having grown up the youngest in her family and following her siblings, being a follower has become second nature to her and although she has become less so throughout her time at school, Corie is however still unable to take the role of a good leader as the pressure of leading a group slightly scares her thus she is hesitant to this idea, not wanting to be lead others in the wrong direction.


Corie was born in the Hoenn region, living her life in Lilycove city with her family consisting of her mother, father and 3 older siblings. Her home and family living in a moderately sized home, situated on small street in the outskirts of Lilycove near the entrance to route 121. Their mother was a hardworking Linoone and their father, a rather laid back Typhlosion. The duo both worked full time jobs as a receptionist and mechanic respectively. Because of this Corie and her siblings would spend most of their home life alone with each other as company, well until 5:00pm at least. Growing up in a household with two older brothers and an older tomboy sister meant her tomboy ways were strongly influenced through their actions, apart from off course carrying her favourite plush toy, Socks everywhere that was her choice entirely and something they couldn’t stop.

From a young age Corie had been an adventurous and curious child which was mostly influenced by her father, as he would tell stories of faraway places and lands such as the region of Jhoto where he had grown up, however there were a few little lies thrown into the mix to make the stories more interesting. Corie often found herself exploring wherever and whenever she could even if it was just under a bed or in a cupboard, to her everything she did became an adventure, walking up a set of stairs would become climbing a mountain. Because of this however an issue arose as her family would often lose track of her, though as she grew older this was less of an issue mainly due to figuring out where her usual exploration spots were located. Although they did put up some boundaries just to be safe, this boundary was known as the unknown abyss, the place of no return or at least thats what her sister called it. This ‘barrier’ could only be passed when not alone, otherwise they would be lost forever for Corie this was a place of return, in reality it was just the end of the street.

As Corie grew she became increasingly interested in her siblings, as even though they all lived together and were only a few years apart, they were all interested in completely different things which spiked Coire’s curiosity. The eldest of the siblings was Tyler, enjoyed the arts whether it was drawings, painting, photography, he enjoyed them all and had decided to pursue this path. Hiro was the second eldest, a Typhlosion whom loved to battle as well as anything sporty due to this she evolved at a younger age than she should of however that didn’t seem to phase her in the slightest. Lastly there was Chester whom was the exact opposite, the Quilava preferred to spend his time inside reading a variety of books rather then going out and socialising with others his age. Due to their vastly different interests Corie would often follow them around as it offered the chance to learn about new things but also explore the surrounding areas. However out of the siblings she hung out with Hiro the most mainly because he found her interests the most exciting as her activities included a variety of activities like, skating, free running and even climbing trees.

Corie attended your average primary school where she had made a small close group of friends, the majority of whom were guys apart from one or two who had similar interests to her and thus they worked well together. Unlike the children that would sit and talk during break, Corie and her friends were always running around and would often be found playing different sports or rough games as they didn’t mind getting dirty or injured as long as they had fun doing so. During class time Corie would be quiet and listen to the teacher, well for the majority of the time at least until last 10 minutes of class, where she would then switch off and stare out the window, not because she was bored with the lesson but rather thinking of ways to make them more fun for herself. This had become a normal occurrence for Corie and also the sole reason for being told off as to others and mainly the teacher it seemed as though she just wasn’t interested and dozing off instead of paying attention like she should of been. It was on one particular day however that changed things as the teacher decided to discuss the issue with her parents, even though in Corie’s eyes there wasn’t an issue in the first place as she was learning the topics just fine. During the discussion the teacher recommended a school situated on an island, she said that it was highly regarded and would be an excellent place to focus on studies. This school peaked Corie’s interest as she thought it would be fun to explore a new place and so didn’t interrupt the teacher to state what she was actually thinking about in class. It seemed that the teacher did understand the actual problem, though Corie just hadn’t realised this until sometime later on. After some family discussion and her father’s use of she could explore without them having worry as a persuading argument contributed a lot, with her parents deciding to give it a try and so sent off an application.

- Playing and exploring with her plush typhlosion, Socks
- Collecting randoms objects which interest her
- Video Games
- Anything that could be fun
- Being a dork

Favorite berry flavor:

Battle Information

Starting: 17
Current: 23 


:iconnormaltypeplz: Tackle
:iconnormaltypeplz: Growl
:iconnormaltypeplz: Tail Whip
:iconnormaltypeplz: Headbutt
:iconfairytypeplz: Baby-Doll Eyes
:icongroundtypeplz: Sand-Attack
:iconnormaltypeplz: Odor Sleuth
:icongroundtypeplz: Mud Sport
:iconbugtypeplz: Pin Missile
:iconnormaltypeplz: Covet

Tms/ HMs/ Egg Moves/ Tutor Moves:

:icongroundtypeplz: Dig (TM)
:iconelectrictypeplz: Thunderbolt (TM)
:iconghosttypeplz: Shadow Ball (TM from anniversary goodie bag)
:iconwatertypeplz: Water Pulse (Purchased Tutor move)

Delta Moves:

Hybrid Moves:

Special Moves:
:iconnormaltypeplz: Hold Hands (4th Anniversary)

Hidden Power:
???, she is currently trying to figure it out

School Information


Former: Tesla
Current: Themba

Club: ???


School Schedule:
- History
- Battle
- Math (I)
- Writing
- Health & Sex ed

- Tech Ed
- Art
- Gym

Extras/Fun Facts:
- Most of Corie’s basic information was made through a random generator and over time I changed things as I developed her character.
- Corie has not yet grow into her ears and her left ear is darker than her right
- Seems she has stopped growing though, oh no the fate of a short child
- A lot of her clothes are from her siblings
- Yeah, those ear piercings are clip-ons, doesn’t have her ears pierced, nope
- Her plush was a present from when she was born, she carries it a lot and sleeps with it. It’s name is Socks
- Corie is a tomboy so dresses are a no no, well unless she has too
- Does not know how to cook, don’t even let her try “Turns out that foil isn’t allowed in the microwave, dude sparks were flying everywhere..... It was awesome!”
- Worst subject is English, mainly due to spelling (Also her handwriting is hard to read)
- Likes art though isn’t the best at it
- Corie doesn’t understand relationship levels very well, if she knows your name it automatically means friend, unless you somehow do something bad to upset her which is rare though can happen
- She is very ticklish, shh don’t tell anyone
- Corie is bad at lying and will often go red and not be able to look at you
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Greyninjear Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
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Speedo89 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2015
Hello :D
I'm usually always up to rp apart from when assignments are due. Though I probably work best using notes because timezones.
Greyninjear Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Fair enough! School and stuff is important
That's also fair! I'm bit slow with notes but it's def. doable!
Silver13riolu Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Yay! Zigzagoon! I love Zigzagoons~
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PixieParrot Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2013

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Speedo89 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2013
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Thanks I shall try my best
ittybittyottertitty Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow, what a cutie Tesla! Congratulations and welcome to the group, darling~
Speedo89 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2013
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